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Come fare media relations?

Per offrire un efficace servizio di media relations sono necessari anni di esperienza e consolidate conoscenze delle redazioni, dei giornalisti, dei tempi e dei modi con cui giornalisti e redazioni lavorano. Gli anni di esperienza in questo ambito dei professionisti di True Relazioni Pubbliche garantisce la capacità di individuare, “strutturare” e veicolare una notizia vantando anche relazioni durature e consolidate con giornalisti che ricoprono posizioni di prestigio nei media.

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The competitive edge in media relations activities is the ability to identify the “newsworthiness” of the content, and to build interest for the media on that content so that it becomes a vehicle to increase the visibility and reputation of a Client. The intermediate step in this activity is represented by the skills and expertise of the communication consultants, also in the choice of the most appropriate and effective means to disseminate the message.

At a strategic level, the press office’s activity aims to ensure that companies communicate with their reference public in an authoritative and effective way, by using the most favourable on and off-line Media.

The type of Media with which True is able to activate dedicated channels varies from the national daily and periodical media to local media, from specialist press, vertical press, wires to the online world, from broadcast to international Media

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