Open letter to an imaginary CEO

Imagination in power. Or the power of imagination


Imagine that companies are no longer simply manufacturers of products, of infrastructures, creaking generators of things, but have a soul. That they have a heart populated by dreams, visions, hopes and values.

That they no longer belong to the world of appearance, but to the world of being.


Imagine that this is your company.


How would you like the company to be described in the newspapers, on the web or in the social media?


Like an economic entity that talks exclusively, and in a self-referential manner, about its successes, its acquisitions, its ranking in the market?

Or like an authoritative entity, “of substance”, profound that, like a person, debates on topics of value. On “noble” issues which regard the future, the country, companies, society and individuals?


Well, this is the company we want to communicate, in a historical context in which consumers – increasingly aware, careful and sensitive – and Public Opinion are no longer attracted by the traditional approaches of marketing, of advertising and communications. Instead their trust is drawn towards an economic entity, a CEO, an institutional entity or an Association that holds high the banner of VALUES and of CONTENT.


Imagine that you, as the Manager that guides your company or owns the company, make yourself an ambassador of values which are “noble” and have a strong social impact, such as nutrition, health, respect of gender diversity or ethnic groups. However, without mentioning your company. Think how your audience would appreciate your content!

You would become a reference for your audience in which to place their trust.


Well, in our opinion communications, the on/off-line relations with the Media and with the web, are to be thought of in this way.


Can you imagine just how wonderful that would be?


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