We focus on the image of CEOs and Top Managers by means of one-to-one live meetings with Editors in Chief and top journalists of all the major media in Italy


We accredit CEOs, Top Managers and Professionals with Editors in Chief, Deputy Editors in Chief, top journalists and Opinion Leaders of all the major media in Italy, by means of one-to-one meetings, organised within a short space of time. On these occasions the Client has a privileged access, and is able to dialogue directly with the person in charge of “driving the medium”, qualifying himself/herself as an authoritative and credible source. Therefore, greater opportunities for media exposure are created also as a “quoted expert”: the entrepreneur or the Manager who is spontaneously invited by newspapers to comment in cases of debates on topics regarding situations which are close to him/her.

Come fare media relations?

Per offrire un efficace servizio di media relations sono necessari anni di esperienza e consolidate conoscenze delle redazioni, dei giornalisti, dei tempi e dei modi con cui giornalisti e redazioni lavorano. Gli anni di esperienza in questo ambito dei professionisti di True Relazioni Pubbliche garantisce la capacità di individuare, “strutturare” e veicolare una notizia vantando anche relazioni durature e consolidate con giornalisti che ricoprono posizioni di prestigio nei media.

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