True Relazioni Pubbliche, based in Milan,  is a strategic communications boutique with a strong advising approach and style, where 30 years of professional experience in the management of on and off-line Media Relations, corporate, financial and crisis communications, PR and events converge.


Carlo Prato, Founder and CEO of the company, as former Director of Communications within renown corporations like Finmeccanica, Telecom Italia, Siemens, RCS Mediagroup (the first editorial Group in Italy owner of Il Corriere della Sera) has a deep experience of the company world, dynamics, culture and language. From 2006 to 2012 he was Head of the Italian advisors of the Kremlin as far as Media Relations and Public Affairs are concerned, through Brussel based GPlus Europe. He has worked with Vittorio Colao, as Media Relations Director in Rcs Mediagroup.


We carry out integrated communication projects based on the contamination and use of the main comms levers such as Press Office, Media Affairs, Public Relations, CEO & Opinion Leader communication, PR, Product Communication, creation of Events, Digital Strategy and Public Affairs. In particular, we specialize in the bespoken accreditation of CEOs or Top Managers to Editors–in–Chief  and top Opinion Leaders of all the main media in Italy, through one-to-one meetings in presence. On that occasion the CEO has the opportunity to directly meet an Editor in Chief and be recognised as a trustworthy source, creating fast and real opportunities for media exposure.



Good communication is a fundamental lever for the reputation of a brand, the authoritativeness of managers and company owners, the reliability of products, the credibility of a business model.True Relazioni Pubbliche always starts from the strategy, which is the driver for the creation of integrated and tailor made communication projects.

As strategic consultants who have experienced the company internally, we know everything a CEO or an entrepreneur expects in terms of positioning and reputation. Nowadays, most of the Italian PR companies are made up of people who have never experienced any in-house managerial experience.
Not being accustomed to handling the internal network relations system, and speaking the “Company language”.

As consultants our duty is to stimulate all the actors of the communication chain, people, Media, communities, Third Parties, political and institutional side, stakeholders in general, with the aim of building one’s organisation consensus and reputation.

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Carlo Prato

CEO, Founder

Eleonora Errico

Ufficio stampa, PR

Isabella Rhode

Media Promotion
Carlo Prato

CEO, Founder

I have always loved the British world, its culture, and approach. When I was 6, I used to play the Beatles’ “Mother Nature’s Son” on the guitar, and at 23 I graduated in Foreign Languages, ​​writing a thesis on the Fab Four. I have been doing Public Relations for 30 years, still with great satisfaction. Thanks to Aldo Chiappe, the man who set up the first PR agency in Italy in 1961 and wanted me to work in his company (GCI Chiappe Bellodi Associati) as his press officer in the late eighties. I have been manager and head of communication in leading multinational companies such as Finmeccanica, Telecom Italia, Siemens, RCS MediaGroup (Rizzoli), owner of il Corriere della Sera, working closely with Vittorio Colao. In 2005 it so happened that I read The Elephant and the Flea by Charles Handy, wherein the Elephant is presented as a symbol of The Company with its logics, its anthropological codes and slowness, in contrast with the riskier, freer and potentially more exciting existence of an independent flea (the independent professional). After reading the book I decided to leave corporate life and embark on a new adventure as an independent consultant. Creating a tailor-made communication model for listed and unlisted companies, CEOs, start-ups, legal firms, institutions and governments. I have been spokesman for Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin in Italy for six years on behalf of GPlus in Brussels. Now that I’m over 50, I still play “Mother Nature’s Son” for Lorenzo and Sofia, my prince and my princess.


Associated Partner

The first time I dealt with a newspaper was on the day of my birth. By a series of coincidences, the good news has become a curious news story to which the main newspaper of my city has dedicated an article. A few years have passed since that moment but my character predispositions, combined with the inclination to put people in contact have meant that my training and working path were born in a rather linear and coherent way with my onset and my person. During my studies in political and social journalism at the Faculty of Political Sciences, I started practicing in a local television station where I became a journalist. This experience made me understand the side I liked to be was in the “control room”, a place to build stories and plan strategies. Since 2004 I have been a press officer, specializing in public relations and event organization. I deal with the promotion and communication of companies, institutions, cultural associations and events: from Genoa European Capital of Culture, passing through major events such as Euroflora and the International Boat Show, to reach tourist facilities such as: the Aquarium of Genoa, the Galata Museum of the Sea, the Bigo, the Biosphere, Italy in Miniature in Rimini and the Aquafan in Riccione. Dynamic, sporty, multitasking, I am constantly looking for new goals and projects to measure myself against.

Isabella Rhode

Associated Partner

Communicating is my passion. After graduating in Modern Literature, I was fascinated by the “seventh art” and I was lucky enough to experience the world of cinema at 360 °, from the magic of red carpets and festivals to the commitment of independent cinema. Genoese of British origin, I worked and lived between Milan and Rome, dealing with the design and promotion of cultural events, with a focus on the entertainment sector, and then returned to Genoa, my city. From here, I continue to deal with communication and media relations for events, companies and associations and I have expanded my skills to the maritime, food, construction and ICT sectors. For some years I have fallen in love with the simplicity of Swedish Lapland, its nature and its silence; I started collaborating with local tourist bodies, promoting alternative circuits to mass tourism and, when I can, accompanying groups in search of a particular and authentic experience.



Consultant, creative director, designer, artist, author, digital communication expert, art director, entrepreneur, trainer, speaker, but first of all a dreamer, husband and happy father.Strategy, creativity, design, quality and effectiveness, expressed for 30 years of experience at the service of internationally renowned Italian brands


Political Affairs Consultant

Almost the stereotype of the lobbyist, but less gray, more honest, a bit nerd and with a truly transversal network of relationships. An expert in political strategy (and practice), I’ve been supporting some of the most well-known global brands for years by devising, proposing and accompanying the approval of regulatory solutions capable of promoting the interests of customers and those of the country. A voracious traveler and reader, I love doing it alone or with my wife and my two daughters



Professional journalist specializing in economic and financial issues, I developed my career between institutional communication and journalism. From the collaboration with various publications of the Class Group to the award, in 2003, of the prestigious international “Journalistic Excellence Award” for financial journalism. Since 2006 I have been working as a freelance consultant for communication and press office, with a strong specialization in the food sector. I am one of the founders of EFA News – European Food Agency, the first Italian press agency dedicated to all areas of the agri-food sector, in Italian and English


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