Federica Menichino

I am fascinated by everything that humanity has built over the centuries and our ability to leave a mark. I graduated in architecture and I have a great passion for Renaissance art, where man was at the centre of the universe. 20 years ago I decided to embark on a career in communications, opting in favour of content and messages rather than bricks, specialising in corporate, financial and crisis control comms. I worked as Head of the press office of Sea Milan Airports, then of the Volare Group, then of Federchimica - Confindustria. I was Senior Advisor in PMS - Financial & Corporate Communications for 10 years, during which I worked in London as financial communication advisor for two years. There I supported customers in several sectors, including energy, food and beverage, finance, real estate, infrastructures, telecommunications, tourism and legal. In addition, I was involved in financial communications strategies in support of corporate finance transactions (IPO, M & A, issuance of financial instruments).

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