Carlo Prato

I have always loved the British world, its culture, and approach. When I was 6, I used to play the Beatles’ "Mother Nature's Son" on the guitar, and at 23 I graduated in Foreign Languages, writing a thesis on the Fab Four. I have been doing Public Relations for 25 years, still with great satisfaction. Thanks to Aldo Chiappe, the man who set up the first PR agency in Italy in 1961 and wanted me to work in his company (GCI Chiappe Bellodi Associati) as his press officer in the late Eighties. I have been manager and head of communication in leading multinational companies such as Finmeccanica, Telecom Italia, Siemens, RCS MediaGroup (Rizzoli), owner of il Corriere della Sera, working closely with Vittorio Colao. In 2005 it so happened that I read The Elephant and the Flea by Charles Handy, wherein the Elephant is presented as a symbol of The Company with its logics, its anthropological codes and slowness, in contrast with the riskier, freer and potentially more exciting existence of an independent flea (the independent professional). After reading the book I decided to leave corporate life and embark on a new adventure as an independent consultant. Creating a tailor-made communication model for listed and unlisted companies, CEOs, start-ups, legal firms, institutions and governments. I have been advisor to the Press Service of the Russian President and Prime Minister in Italy for six years on behalf of GPlus in Brussels. Now that I’m 50, I still play "Mother Nature's Son" for Lorenzo and Sofia, my prince and my princess.

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